Monday, March 30, 2015

Why I Love March

March is awesome! I used to go away for the entire month of March to spring training camp for canoe/kayak. Since quitting paddling I am realizing there is a such thing as Spring! It's in March! After 4 months of winter it is such a refreshing time. It is time to say goodbye to the "dreadmill" and say hello to the quickly clearing sidewalks. In this post I will highlight the reasons why I love this glorious month.

Doing Workouts Outside
In the winter months I try to go outside for my easy and long runs, but I do all of my interval and tempo workouts indoors on the track or treadmill. I do this for a few reasons. 
  1. I don't want to slip and hurt myself.
  2. You can't go fast when you are knee deep in snow.
  3. It's dark ALL THE TIME in winter and running alone in the dark is sketchy.
It is a little bit tricky to go outside and try to stay as consistent with my pacing. On the treadmill, the machine just tells you how fast you are going and doesn't fluctuate at all. When it's me, my Garmin and the streets, I am all over the place! That is something I will be working on for the next three weeks.

March is the new May
For the last two years I have trained for the Manitoba Full Marathon, which takes place in June. May has always been my favourite month of training. Mostly because it is my highest mileage month and I usually feel like Superwoman coming out of May. This year because my marathon is in April, this month I feel like Superwoman.

Boston is Almost Here
I am very excited to go to Boston. It is now three weeks away. I am in the home stretch. I did my last really long run today (20 miles). The anticipation to run a marathon is so weird because you know it is going to bring you so much pain, but still, I'm dreaming about it every few nights. I'm excited to run a marathon where I'm not by myself for half of it! There are going to be hundreds of other people going the same pace as me. It's also exciting to take a trip in the middle of the school year. I'm taking two personal days, so I will be in Boston from Saturday until Tuesday.

My Brooks Stuff Came
My package arrived from Brooks Canada containing 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of socks, 2 tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 hat and 1 pair of arm warmers. Just receiving the package motivated me ten times more for the race. I'm gonna be running totally decked out in Brooks shoes and apparel, feeling and looking awesome!

Oh yeah, and it's SPRING BREAK!
We've been working very hard at school for the past 3 months, and finally it's time to take a little break. We've decided not to go anywhere this spring break because we are saving for a house. The plan is to lay back, relax, clean, doing my taxes, going to the lake for a couple of days, get a massage (or 2), read, do some planning and get my last training week in before my taper starts.

Happy Spring Break to all of my teaching family and friends! Thanks for reading and enjoy the last couple of days in this awesome month!

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