Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Back in the Grind

The internet may think I've dropped off the face of the earth, but it's not true! Believe it or not I am still here, and I am training for another marathon. My weeks have been full this summer, I've been averaging about 80 miles of running per week. So far my longest run has been 20 miles, I have a 22 miler planned for this weekend. We got possession of our new house last Monday (Aug.17) and we moved in that day. Moving day was fun because we had lots of friends helping us and it ended up turning into a party! I'm still getting used to all of my routes in my new neighborhood. There's lots of great stuff near me! There's Scotia Street, which you can take all the way to the Forks, Kildonan Park, Chief Peguis Trail, and the Gateway trail. I'm sure there are more to discover, and I have miles to burn! If you have a favourite route in West K, please share!
Here are some of my new routes!

I don't think I have spent one weekend in town this summer. I went to my friend Alex's cottage, Folk Fest, my family's cottage for 3 weekends in a row and then my friend Sarah's cottage for her bachelorette party and then back to Alex's cottage. It has been fun to switch up the locations of my long runs. 

I have been continuing to listen to the "Undisclosed" podcast about the Adnan Syed case from "Serial". I also have been listening to the "True Murder" podcast, although it has kind of spooked me a few times while running in unfamiliar areas. I have also been listening the audiobook "War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells and it's excellent! I just started a new podcast today called "Criminal". Surprisingly, Criminal is not as dark as the others. If you have any suggestions for podcasts or audiobooks, please let me know!

I've started to go back to my class to set up for the new school year, although I still have 11 days of holidays left. My new house is so much closer to my school (5km!), I think I will be riding my bike there quite a bit and running there too.

That's all for now, I will try to write more consistently and keep everyone in the loop as I'm getting ready for the marathon in October! Remember to drink your chocolate milk and run happy!

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