Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back and Better Than Ever! + Time to Taper!

After being out of proper training and workouts for a week at the beginning of September, I was a little bit concerned about the marathon that was quickly approaching. To my amazement and pleasure, I actually came back from my cold stronger and quicker than ever! I have actually been going quicker in workouts than I have ever gone while training for a marathon before! Normally I struggle to get under 6:30min/mile during tempos and workouts, but to my amazement I am now going 6:10-6:25 pace. Now, I know that the amount of rest I took was good for me, but I also think there is something else that is making me speedier as well. We have been having cooler days recently, which makes it so much easier to run effortlessly. Although training in the summer was miserable at some points (running 24 miles in 27 degrees), now I am so glad that my body is acclimatized to hot weather.

The marathon is now a week away and I am getting into taper-mode! (Yay!) I used to hate tapering when I ran in university because I felt like I was losing my speed and mentally I became out of it. Now, I LOVE the taper! I get to store up my energy this week and use it all on Sunday. I am actually so excited for the race next weekend! I've posted about tapering before (before Boston), but I'm going to re-highlight the main points of tapering, more for myself than anyone else. 
  1. Sleep! 8-10 hours a night! No exceptions!
  2. Eat! Eat smart, don't be an idiot, eat foods you normally eat, more carbs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  3. Hydrate! Drink lots all week, mostly water, some tea and juice.

  4. Take days off running! 2 or more depending how I feel, only one (short) workout this week.
  5. Don't do anything differently and be careful! No biking to school this week, no soccer, be smart.
  6. Make a race plan and visualize the race. 
  7. Stretch and get a massage: Take care of yourself!
I will probably post again before the race. If not, my bib number is 4332 and you can follow me running online here: or here if you want to get updates on your phone:

Have a great week everyone! Run Happy! (and taper happy!)  

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