Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ferritin Blunders

I have not written in a while because I have had some hiccups in my training. I'm back on track now, so not to fear.

After our trip to Cuba, I had two months of solid training. My long runs had reached 20 miles and my workouts were very strong. I did a 20 miler, where I felt great on March 5th. I did it in Birds Hill Park. The next day I felt terrible. I figured it was from the 20 miler, so I took a day off. The next day I was bagged, so I did a really short workout. By Wednesday, I was frustrated that I could only run 5 miles. Over that weekend, I struggled through some easy runs. By the next Monday, I knew something was wrong, so I headed to the doctor to get a blood test.

Not only were my runs feeling terrible, but I was exhausted throughout my days at school. I would come home and nap, wake up, try to run, eat, go back to bed. Finally I just gave up on the running part of the cycle because I honestly could not keep my eyes open throughout a day. I took the entire next week OFF training. It was a total blow to my self confidence and my attitude. I quickly became depressed and barely left my bed for the week.

All of the Iron
When my blood test came back, I found out the my ferritin levels were low, which means my body wasn't getting enough iron. I have no idea what the numbers meant, I was told that my level was 12, which is at the low end of the average scale. I started taking Ferrous Gluconate twice a day, as well as, eating way more meat, leafy greens and vitamin C than normal.

There are so many crazy rules for iron absorption, like: no caffeine and no calcium. For someone taking iron in the morning, what the F*** am I supposed to have for breakfast? It was quite an adjustment.

Spring Break came and went, I tried running 3 times during my entire week off and still mostly felt like garbage. The first week of April I was FINALLY starting to feel better. I was very cautious as I was starting to get back into it. It seemed like a switch just flipped though. One day I felt great, the next, I felt terrible. I described it to some of my friends as if I was superhero that lost my superpower. It was truly terrible. I couldn't run a mile without becoming out of breath, meanwhile, I knew I was in shape because I had just run a 20 mile run @ 7:20/mile pace.

After several disappointing runs, I felt good again by the second weekend in April. I felt totally back to normal. I honestly don't even feel like I missed out on any training. I did 21 miles this past Sunday and felt totally normal. I have my superpower back and I feel like I appreciate every single run I go on now.

I don't know what caused this change in my body. I have never been low on iron before. Nothing major changed in my training or diet. Low iron is something that affects so many females and runners, but I always thought that sucked for "those people". Now I'm one of those people and I will be very careful to never get low again!

There is one month until the Ottawa Marathon. I have every intention on racing to go sub 3:00. I think if anything, this whole experience has given me time to rest and it ensures that I will not be over trained for this one. I'm registered in the Elite field 💀. If I run much slower than 3:00 it's going to be embarrassing for sure. So that is going to be my motivation for being strong and smart over the next month.

Other news that is kind of related:
  • I've been listening to some new Podcasts: My Favorite Murder, Run Selfie Repeat, S-Town. They are all great in their own ways. MFM is hilarious, RSR always says what I am thinking and S-Town is super addictive and a great story.
  • I got weirdly into running to Cat Stevens
  • I chaffed worse than I ever have before in my life and had to bandage my arms up for a week and a half, like an IDIOT
  • Hunty got me a guitar and I am taking lessons!
  • I've been working some shifts at City Park Runners, the best dang running store in the city
    I'm so cool
  • My bestie Megan became a co-leader of November Project Winnipeg because she's the bomb and I'm so proud of her!
That's all for now! Happy running everyone.

November Project #PBCM

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